T-Visor add-on

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Now you can order a smoked black acrylic t-visor with your helmet purchase!

The visors are in partnership with and created by T-Visor.com; we are an authorized reseller.

  • T-visor "extended" (fits the Executioner, Blank, Boba Fett, and Pilot)
  • T-visor "deluxe" (fits the Grunt)
  • (We do not yet have visors for the Ursas available, but we are working in that)

We recommend only ordering with purchase of a helmet. If you need only the visor, please purchase directly from t-visor.com.

We do NOT offer to install the visor for you unless we are doing a fully finished and painted helmet for you- for us, visor installation is a last step after painting as we typically hot glue them in, so that is not something we can do on a raw kit.